#For her 4th birthday, Lola goes to the amusement park with her mother. What a surprise awaits him! An opportunity to immerse your child in the story of a curious duck fishing trip. He's sure to take the bait! Lola just turned 4. Her mother takes her for a walk in the alleys of an amusement park. - You want to take a walk, darling? she suggests. Choose! The scary rides don't attract her. She points her finger at a sign that says: "Angling";. Near the cash register, she contemplates with envy the prizes that reward the most skillful fishermen, and, in particular, the most beautiful of them, a superb doll that looks a little like her. Soon, she advances around a round and empty basin where blue water lapping, with a cane in hand ending in a hook. - What do you have to catch? - Wait, sweetie,"; replied the manager, lowering a joystick, "and immediately, from a tunnel that Lola hadn't noticed, a collection of multicoloured plastic ducks appeared in single file. They disperse on the surface of the water. Each of them has a ring on the top of their head in which the rod hook must be inserted. But the duck is long, it oscillates, the ducks, stirred by the waves, are difficult to follow. Lola almost managed to catch the first one when suddenly she was pushed. A group of noisy boys came to join her. The newcomers are older, more skilled. The duck she had spotted now rises at the end of a cane that is not hers. Lola is not discouraged, she points her cane at another duck and is about to fish it when, once again, a faster boy pricks it under her nose. Little by little, Lola feels tears coming to her eyes. One by one, the ducks are pulled out of the water amid the boys'; cries of joy. A few terrible minutes later, there is only one left.